Monday, August 1, 2011


My husband is out of the hospital. He’s still has some recovery to go but she looks a lot better, feels, a lot better.

I have been thinking that the world’s success is not for me. I am aiming for a different kind of success that will help others, share love, bring joy to my family. I am working a new plan as part of my home journey. I will still do my art and zazzle but out of love.

My emotional Baggage shirt

Fireworks sticker
Fireworks by loudesigns
Become a part of Zazzle's artist affiliate program

I love art

My Wish list
My husband completely recovers
To hug my family
To become a better person
To share love
To buy myself some non toxic poster paints

1 comment:

  1. I hope your husband is on the mend. I'm with you on all the items on your wish list! Take care :)
    Carla (scruffshop)