Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Best You and Me, free ad Day, more art

Neat news This mouse pad of mine on sale at zazzle was picked to be shown on Amazon The Best Me

I was looking at the baking blog bakerella I realized I never going to be bakerella

I will bake simple cupcakes with my kids, frosting on the side

I will never be Martha Stewart with all her loveliness I will never be Itaya with her magical trees

I will never be my sisters who I love

I will be the best me I can be

I am the abstract artist, the one who does kawaii

The one who makes ugly educational crafts for kids

The one who loves her family

I am me and I must be the best me I can be

I am the woman who always wants to learn things

I want a house covered in domestic fairy dust

I want to be kind and thoughtful

What’s the best you


Free Ad

If you have a G rated Zazzle or Etsy shop

Please post your ad in my blog

No codes or stars please

Just place it in the comment section

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  1. You are the best YOU ever! I'm glad you are owning the best parts of you as those parts and more are pretty awesome I think. :)

    Thank you for the feature. I'm tickled about your mousepad being featured on Amazon! WTG! Love that mug artwork as well. You always inspire me and that is another BEST part of you that I love. :)

  2. Congrats on the Amazon feature. It's a beautiful design.

  3. Thank you Keri so very much it means a lot

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