Friday, April 5, 2013

Altering Children's Board Books, Free PR Day, Featured Artwork and Designs from Zazzle

Hello Everyone,

Today I thought I would share something I've wanted to make with several possibilities of mediums to choose from. I know that most everyone is familiar with children's board books. They're the story books that are made from chip board and don't use paper for the pages. I've watched a few tutorials and thought this would be fun to explore here.

What would you use an altered board book for? You could use it as an art journal, a scrapbook journal, a photo album, or as stand alone artwork. The possibilities are only limited to the number of ideas you can come up with!

A few supplies you might need depending on the style you want to create are - board books (easily found at Walmart, Goodwill, Thrift Stores, your children's bookshelf, etc.), decoupage medium, glue stick, gesso, acrylic paints or distress inks, markers, pens and whatever else you like to make art and write with. I like using white gesso for the first coat on projects such as this as it is quite opaque and a few coats will cover up most anything. If you layer your paints, you might not mind if the images of the book show through your end design. I rather like the idea of incorporating the artwork on the book as part of the overall artwork myself. Keep in mind copyright issues and only use your design for personal use or gifts if you do incorporate the artwork in the book.

Here is a video walking you through her process with how Michelle alters her board books to create  mini albums.

Here are a few links to articles and Pins on Pinterest to help inspire you and get you creating some awesome board book altered art -

Altered Board Book Tutorial

Altered Books For Kids

Altered Books on Pinterest

That ought to get you started creating for yourself or with your kiddies!

Now for today's featured links of artwork and designs from Zazzle.

Jane Austen's Tea Party Invitation 2
Jane Austen's Tea Party Invitation 2 by loudesigns
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Harmony Invite
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Dinosaur Baby shower its a Girl Custom Invitations
Dinosaur Baby shower its a Girl Custom Invitations by AbundanceLoveTrip
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If you have a store or blog that you feel would be of interest to other artists, authors, or creatives in general, feel free to add links in the comments section! We love visiting links and discovering more creatives out there.

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  1. Great ideas for the books, and a lovely selection of products! :-D

    I'd think altered board books like that would make excellent gifts, either filled with original artwork, or as 'mini scrapbooks'.

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  8. Very nice blog and selections for features. I especially like the bridal shower invitation with the mason jars hanging from the tree. Here are my stores. Thank you for the opportunity. =)

  9. I've seen some beautiful altered books, but I never thought to use children's board books. What a great idea, thanks!