Monday, April 7, 2014

Taking Children's Education into Your Own Hands, promote your zazzle store for free

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Taking Children's Education into Your Own Hands

this lens' photo With all the books learning gadgets there a lot of super expensive learning tools some fantastic and some not so fantastic. An ipad or new computer can be a great learning tool but improperly used it can be a distraction. There are also a lot of pricey useless teaching tools Like the 700 dollar curriculum that belongs more into the garbage heap than teaching children with. My own mother spent more 100 dollar on books for my sister's education that wasn't useful for her but was useful to me. Just because some educational tools are good for one child doesn't mean it's good for another. I like learning to be fun


Make it Yourself

Do not belittle your own creativity. I am an artist ex writer. I have never been very crafty. I needed a rhyming flip book to teach words, speech and reading but the flip book was not only over $20 but would take weeks to ship. I didn't have the time. I got discarded magazines and a cheap spiral notebook. I cut out the pictures. I glued in the photos wrote the words in. You can also take photos and use as well. It was just what I needed. It wasn't pretty but it was pretty awesome.

I also made children books to read on the computer with simple words to teach.

Use the talents you have: I can't crochet so teaching my kids crochet is not for me, but I can make paper dolls. I started making the paper doll because one of my kids wanted scantily clad dolls and I didn't want to give the co money just to have make clothes for it. So I made paper dolls. The dolls were a hit but I want to expand them with teaching moments.

Reward stickers

Sometimes a little reward will be helpful with teaching but not with money but something small. I personally like using TV time, video game time, bed and even phone as a reward.

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  1. Great article! Those reward stickers are a really nice idea. I love creating fun educational items for kids. You can find them in my store:
    Thanks for letting my post my store :)

  2. You may not consider yourself crafty but you are one of the most creative people I know! What an awesome idea with the book you created. I'm sure your kids got a lot of learning from it as well as fun.

    My store is at Thanks so much for including one of my designs above and for the great article! :)

  3. I like your blog! It's very well done, neat and tidy! This store is somewhat educational so I thought it would be a good fit for you here! This is my "Flags of the World" store! I've always been interested in the different banners and flags of the world, why not make a store! It was a lot of work but I like it! Have a wonderful day!