Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring and Easter Crafts, Spring Artwork and Designs

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring! If you celebrate the Easter holiday, Happy Easter. Spring is just about here in the Pacific NW, USA. Our temperatures seem to be a bit warmer each day. Although I don't care for really hot temperatures, it will be nice to have things warm up some.

Each season brings fun craft projects to do with the kiddies. If you will be coloring eggs for Easter, take a look at the link above on the Frugal Girls site. They also have a page filled with more fun Easter crafts that could just as easily be used for spring time. Their site is filled with loads of fun. Visit this List of Easter Crafts and see if you don't end up staying for awhile.  :)

Now on to some Spring time artwork.

Marigold Card
Marigold Card by loudesigns
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Bluebells Flowers Cards
Bluebells Flowers Cards by Itayasdesigns
More Bluebells Cards

I hope you are having a very lovely spring time thus far. Let me know if you find any crafts you might try in the links above!

Many Blessings,

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