Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why we Need Home Economics Schools, New book by Crystal Marcos, Weight lifting shirts, latest works, art by friends

Why we Need Home Economics Schools

Many Jr and High schools are getting rid of their Home Economics classes. Home Ec is one of the most important classes one can take. A lot of schools and educational experts talk about teaching life skills well home economics actually teaches life skills. Its not anti Woman both men and women need what home economics offers.

1. Technology can only teach us so much and I say that as a published ebook writer. I love technology but technology is not all there is.

2. It helps children and teens learn to take care of themselves as well family. Many boys and girls don't receive these important lessons.

3. Home Economics teaches math with measuring, check book writing and more. It takes math skills and gives it real world applications.

4. Home-cooked meal improves health and nutrition when more people learn to cook real food and eat less processed.

5. Some parents can't teach there children how to sew. Sewing can help save money, with clothes repair and even lead to job opportunities for some.

My net friend Crystal Marcos has a new book coming out which you can pre order. Its called Novus (The Cresecren Chronicles Book 1 its a dystopian future YA book

My first dealing with Crystal was when she ordered some of my zazzle art after following me on twitter. I bought her ebook Bellyache because it sounded really interesting and I wanted to read it to me kids. I loved it.

I lift some weights, 4 and 9 pounds are my walking weights. I use a large water storage jug that is over 45 pounds as my lifting weight. I also have a slosh tube. I do not think mixing cardio and large weights which is why I chose the bulky jug over a kettlebell. Its also way cheaper. I you want to start lifting 2 to 5 pounds is a good place to start. Make sure your movements are controlled and your wrists aren't to floppy. If you take a break longer than a couple of days you might want to start at a lighter weight first.




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  1. Great article Val! I totally agree that schools definitely need to keep Home Ec classes going. I was fortunate in that my grandmother and mom both taught me a lot of basics before I even went to Home Ec class. I remember that when I started the class, I walked over and sat down at a sewing machine that was exactly like the one we had at home. I already knew how to thread it and was very comfortable learning more on it. My husband also took Home Ec when he was in high school. It was probably to meet girls though. LOL

    Thanks for the promotion. I love your lifting designs! They are just so cute. Lots of people don't realize that you don't actually have to lift a lot of weight to get the exercise benefits of toning and such.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Val for including my book. Readers can find a preview, giveaways,etc on my website

    Like the newest works! I also agree home ec is important. P.S. I should really start lifting small weights.

  3. Home Ec: I learned to sew with these classes, and made lined suits, skirts, my junior prom outfit and more during my high school years. I loved cooking also. Yes, it's a sorry commentary on our society that so many life skills are being cast aside. And don't get me started on cursive writing!