Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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If you have a G rated Etsy, Zazzle store, ebay store promote yourself here. Also if you have published in print or ebook promote it here. We acsept children's, YA novels, cookbook, clean fiction, children's nonfiction. We at ask a zombiehouse wife love to promote indi artists. This is absolutely free. No costs. Just post your advert in the comment section. Poem Days of Rain By V of Abundancelovetrip The sky turns murky overcast Angels unseen yet still there shadows once dancing fade in darkness sometimes it rains and that rain is a miracle blessing pouring down On parched earth

mount What did you do this summer? I bought books and ebooks including a huge lot of a 100. I can't believe but I got them on my book shelf which is a big yay! We had a family vacation. I did some work on my shop. I worked on gratitude. I celebrated birthdays.

I have had friends and family publish books and ebooks. This fall I am working new educational plans and trying to come. I am getting ready for fall and Halloween.

Thankful List

Family, husband kids, god, spirit

Mother in law

My Art






Good friends



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  1. Thanks for the feature, Val! I'm grateful for restful sleep, my kids and grandson, my loving hubby, and beautiful autumn weather. I'm also very grateful for when I feel creatively inspired which happens more and more this time of year. :)