Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Info For New Zazzle Affiliates

My site can contain cookies for zazzle Join Zazzle promote products earn a commission Are you interested.

Maybe you are already affiliate. 1. Use a blog or website, pinterest and twitter can strip codes. So make your site or blog and tweet your articles. You can even schedule postings with your blog. Content is king.

2. Plus with a blog/website you can also do google ad sense and do more than one revenue based income.

3. Make sure you check for broken links regularly. Sometimes the product got deleted but sometimes there can be a mistake in your feed.

4. When you join Zazzle use the share button. Its fast an easy. I use the link for blogs.

5. Make sure you clear out cookies every time you sign in to promote you.

6. Don't promote flawed products with obvious broken art even if its a really funny shirt. Products like this have a much higher return write. Same with don't promote PG13 products marked as g. Zazzle has returned wrongly rated products. Never promote products you suspect of copyright infringement. These also get canceled by zazzle in the printer. Even if a seller has a few good products if the majority are scammy than you have a greater risk of returns and refunds.

7. Minimum Referral Payment 15% per sale Volume bonus can be 17%

8. Check out the zazzle affiliate page

9. Another great way to promote is collections and you don't have to make these yourself. just make sure you clear cookies out and are signed in. My collections page

My zazzle cookies or referral numbers are in this collections

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