Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gifts ideas from valcreates

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I have been busy wrapping gifts the last week. Last minute Christmas ideas some cheap some pricey

Science kits

Gift basket from bath and bodyworks

An adult grown up coloring book, these are very popullar and even bargain carries them stores

favorite lotion

A artist sketchpad

A grocery fruit basket



Boardgame nothing beats boardem and fosters family togetherness like a favorite boardgame or family fights like it did when I was a child.

Sea monkeys

a homemade gift basket or gift bag made from a cloth grocery bag filled with fun little items.

Movie tickets

A watch

Pass to a museum

Bargain Bin DVDs with popcorn and movie candy

A craft kit

books on cd

A massage pillow or chair

mugs filled with candy and gift cards

A fuzzy blanket

A trip to the toy store

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