Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fixing Up An OG Doll, weightliffting Challange, Zazzle Tip


doll fixing video by the Amazing Real Prince Club
If your into toys, crafts or are into Zazzle give this YouTube channel a chance.
I have bought several og dolls aka our generation dolls from target on the web.
their hair fizzes a more than American girl dolls but the dolls themselves our high quality and love them.
I wish target would put more our generation books out. I buy accessories at Walmart my life brand. They seem to be pretty good quality. I think eventually want to buy an My life Doll. We also make our own accessories. If you want an American girl alternative that looks like American girl. the American girl mini dolls are cute.

Day 24 of my 30 Day weight challenge
lifted simple weights. The 20th day the ice cream I ate today canceled any exercise out. 24th day did simple weights again.
Zazzle Tip! Only put out products you feel fit your brand. Don't compromise your vision even if it means a few less sales in the short term. You need to think long term. Is going to be just passive income. Do you want all original art? What is your vision for your art? Do you want only vintage? When I first started I realized I wanted only original art no clip art no vintage. While vintage is beautiful it just isn't me. I realized resizing and re coloring clip art and vintage took up more time than doing an original. I am glad I stuck to my design goals Because I think I would be unhappy with myself if I had used art that wasn't mine.


  1. oh our generation dolls! and I love your abstract art, it's so intense.

  2. Love your artwork, Val! I love how you work with colors and texture to come up with lovely originals. Thanks for the feature! :)

  3. Lisa and Itaya
    Your both mega talented. I have bought both of your art on zazzle as gifts. :)

  4. Liza I have gotten a couple of our generation dolls
    They are very pretty. The doll its self is top quality but the hair tends to fritz. Would still buy.
    Thank you for the kind comments about my art.