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Why Buy From Zazzle? 20. Ways you Can Ruin Your Zazzle store

This a funny video that promotes zazzle, my own art and my zazzle friends.

My Day 10 of weightlifting was a attempt of carrying a bag cement.   Day 11 simple weights.
Day 12 wall press.   

20. Mistakes ZazzlersCan make to Ruin Their Stores
I love running zazzle store do not have ship my art. I like having my art brand being sold through an established site. I love the fact zazzle is a low cost way for me to make extra money. I love the artists. I love the products.

1.Abusing Quick Create: You need to delete anything cut off before you publish it. Customers don't want a bunch of broken text and graphics. Having gaps in art can also be an issue. Make sure text and images fit correctly.
2.Not updating tags:  Every once in a while you need to check your tags and look for mistake.
3. Using Zazzle bestseller list or just sold forums for inspiration: Copying other zazzlers designs just isn't cool but it also can get you kicked off a Zazzle.  Its okay to follow trends its not okay to copy other sellers products. It may make you a couple sales, but in the long run it waters down the market place, and you end up losing. Instead promote those best sellers with your own in your blog and website. You will save time and be affiliates. Zazzle can also shut down your products or your whole site if they find you are blatantly copying.
4. Rating pg13 and R rated products as G: One might think that having a wider audience is better but its not. It can get complaints and your products pulled.
5. Publishing dark texts on dark shirts and not hiding them or deleting them:  Its not the customers job to fix your mistakes in customization. It looks bad and will give you a bad reputation.
6. Not believing in yourself:  I know good artists who rag on their lack of ability. People buy your art. If you honestly don't like the art you create then be an affiliate.
7. Only having products in all your blogs: Product only blogs are great for archives but if you want to keep it interesting write something. If you love to cook write about cooking.
8. Not putting money into your store with profits: That doesn't mean spend what you don't have to but you should put a small part of your business back. Even its $10 for Zazzle and a couple of postcards.
9. Making art that doesn't go with the product. Some funny saying might be outright offensive on a baby shirt. Some styles of abstract art don't look good on shirts.
10.Making one design in 30 colors: I started out as a customer who used Zazzle to buy my sisters art and gifts for my family. Nothing was more frustrated that the sellers who put one design on with 30 different colors. Choose two or three colors of the colors especially if the customers can customize those colors themselves. Too much choice can lead to dissatisfaction.
11. Only making one product: A good zazzle designer doesn't need 8,000,000 products but they need. You can build slowly.
12.  Putting Music on your blog or website:  Music can be blessing or a curse in brick or mortar shopping but its awful in online shopping. Many people do their online shopping on their lunch break and don't need music disturbing their coworkers. When people shop online they also might want to pick their own music, not let you pick it for them.
13. Using zazzle products in new ways without buying samples:  I have had seen sellers get bad reviews for making recipe cards and selling business cards as bookmark. I put my abstract art on photo paper and I bought samples to make sure the product worked as planned. They worked better than expected.
14. Giving up: Do not just close your store your sales aren't perfect. You can always automate pr.
15. Being rude to affiliates: Some years back member some sellers being rude to affiliates who got the bonus for promoting their work instead of them. This was a sale they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. The affiliates work hard. be grateful when anyone promote you.
16. Using key words that do not fit: I found old product a lovely ice cream graphic that I designed. I looked at the key words and they were a mess. I had "ice cream" but then I had ice, and cream as separate tags which were not right.   
17. Taking images off the internet for your store: Just because its google images doesn't mean its free and legal. Even images and photos that our bought and paid for may have rules of how you can use them and if you can resale them.  Also many free to use images might have to be heavy altered and might take more time then created from scratch.
before you decide to use clip art buy a camera and a few art programs. You might discover you have artistic abilities you never realized. 
18. Not having a blog, or website:  Twitter and Pinterest often strips your code so without a blog or website looses you valuable ways to affiliate your own products. You can also add AdSense and other forms of making money .
19. Not having media file on your store:  Media files are a way you can engage future customers  into
Seeing  your products and art in the real world.
20.  Not making collections: Collections are an amazing way to promote more then one product with one link.

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  1. You made some great points, Val. It's especially important for us to check our tags now since Zazzle cut back to 10 total. Cute video! Thank you for the feature! :)