Monday, May 29, 2017

Best Free Channels on Roku

Best Free Channels on Roku

I am a cable cutter I have Netflix.
I have amazon prime for the shipping the prime shows and content while not huge are a bonus.
I also have just gotten a Roku and I am very impressed. 
All of these channels were free when this article was written. 
This just some of the free channels I found.  I had a great one not listed because it became buggy today.

I am a  cable cutter to save money but also I like to watch shows when I want to watch them.  I don't like to be told when I can see something.  

CW, while this doesn't have all the episodes and shows the selection is pretty good and you don't have to prove you have a basic cable provider.

BYU, hit might be a religious college station but it has some amazing content such as full episodes of the hit sketch comedy show studio c. 

YouTube, has some great user generated content such as toy  making channel Simple kids crafts and The Real Prince Club, (which is a toy, craft, and thrift haul, art review. Yes its a shameless plug. I love the commercials  The real Prince club has done for me.) YouTube also
has individual sketches of studio C.

Some content
CW seed, even more content including Forever and whose Line it is anyway. , lots of quality free single recipe videos.  It is like having a  video cookbook.

Love Your Home, short video content about d├ęcor, organization with a UK twist. The videos look

library free, it has a limited classic audio recordings and video ebooks.
I hope they ad more titles. 

Crackle is a free movie channel it has lots of movies, but lacks a lot of family content most of the movies are R or pg13 but it does have pg rated classic TV shows.

(these will have cookies in them for Zazzle affiliate codes) Some more artists


  1. I agree with you Val, I like to watch what I want when I want too as far as TV goes. We cut out cable some years ago. Just wasn't worth it to us. There are several free options now that make it worthwhile such as the Roku. You can also rent really good movies and TV series shows from the library for free. Maybe everyone isn't as privileged as we are with our local library, but it's worth checking to see.

    Thank you for the promotion!! Hugs to you and your sweet ones. I know they are ready for a fun summer with their fun Mama! :)


  2. Oh cool, I was thinking about getting a Roku, maybe I will, good tip on using the library too, I used to do that but I forgot about it...