Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Biggest Awesome Thrift Store Haul, why you should shop at Thrift

I didn't make the thrift haul video its just its title. Make Money with Art Online
Even if you are not an artist

1. use appropriate Key words this more important than any social media promotion. If you have the word fruitcake when your selling a cupcake painting your going to make people mad.
2. If you  find art on the web you love you can make money off it.  You can blog about the art and why you love it and links  where people can buy.You money with google AdSense and then promote the blog.  If the artist useses a company like Zazzle you can join their affiliate program and use the share links for bonus cash on top of   AdSense promote your own art in a separate article but the same blog post. 
3. Make sure your art is high quality Large size graphics that won't be pixilated.  Delete art that is cut off, pixilated, or dark art on dark text.
4. Buy or make prints for your portfolio. Postcards, and photo prints can be an economical way to show off your art or have prints on hand.

Why You should Shop at Thrift Stores

yes I buy new handmade art, dolls, and pod art prints, and when but I feel there  are benefits to thrift store shopping which I do.
I try to be thoughtful consumer. I am not a minimalist. I had a family member who used to work at the thrift store. She knew a very wealthy retired couple who volunteered at the thrift store she worked out just to get a discount.

1. Part of thrift store sales usually go to some sort of charity.
2. It reuses items that might have otherwise went to landfill.
3. Its a great place to find material for women, men and kids who are getting involved in sewing. You can buy clothes to practice sewing on that will often be cheaper than material.
4. You can save money if you shop carefully.  Sometimes its easy to overdo it.


I am not into big fireworks displays or even small ones. I am more of a family picnic sort of fourth of July. I like my holidays to be cozy. Forth of July and summer art. These links have affiliate codes in them.

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