Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying out the New graphic tablet

I’m sick today but feeling great emotionally. What’s a little sore throat and ache when I have great family and wonderful art to look at.

I think I've posted about my new graphic’s tablet my husband got me. It’s a bamboo pen from Wacom. For those who are new to graphic arts a Graphic tablet connects to your computer so you can draw free hand.
I thought of getting real painting supplies but this is no mess.
Amazon has a lot of models from cheap to pricey.
I needed one with good reviews. I needed it to be small and easy to carry. While I didn’t need one that came with a free art program that was a bonus.

I used mouse and tablet to make this
Reach Tree coaster
Reach Tree by AbundanceLoveTrip
See a different beverage coaster design from Zazzle.

Lady bugs are cute

I love this card its so fruity mmmmmmmmmm

Cuteness in space

mmmm cupcake


my abstract Binder

Chosen for blog

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  1. the little Reach tree design you created on your tablet! Can't wait to see more things you've created with it. I'm so glad your hubby got this for you as you so deserve it! :)

    Thanks for featuring my 'Solitude' iPhone Case design!! Hope you are feeling better now you poor dear. :)