Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bright Note: Save $$$ on art Supplies, zazzle finds

Bright Note: Tell someone the world is better because they are in it.

Save $$$ on art Supplies
Artists love art supplies but they can bring a huge dent to the wallet. If you have children you might want to invest in a lock box to keep little hands out of your supplies.
Some paints are toxic so you want to make sure you’re in a well ventilated aria.
1. What art supplies do you already have on hand construction paper, children’s paint, brushes. You might be shocked what you find around the house.
2. Use recycled pieces you have around the house for colleges and sculpture. You save something from the trash and your wallet. Paper bags, scrap paper, old wrapping paper, magazines can be transformed into art. I’ve seen artists use old glass bottles for canvases. Old Sponges and sticks can be used as brushes. Make sure your free supplies non toxic. The parts inside your computer may contain lead.
3. Clearance sales at art supply stores, office supply stores can have items.
4. If you are looking for an easel you might want to consider desktop models instead of standing models these are cheaper but they are also more practical for traveling.
5. Check the reviews of art software before you buy it some software do not work on modern computers.
6. Go for smaller graphic tablets with good reviews. You don’t need to spend 1,000 or even 100 on quality graphic tablet.

mine new world of purple

My new piece I think it be cute to send to spouse for a suprise date night

Zazzle finds

ten dollors of this shirt will go for japan relief
Japan Relief T-Shirt shirt
Japan Relief T-Shirt by japanrelief
Browse zazzle for a different shirtzazzle

cute birds


lemonade Stand mine



lovely mug

Jane Austen

Just magic

cute bunny


so cute farm

Earth Poster


  1. Good art supply tips and nice selection from Zazzle! Enjoying your blog, and thanks so much for featuring my "Cute Blue Birds" tote today.

  2. Some really pretty spring designs you have featured! Love your design for date night with hubby! Almost looks devilish. :)

    Excellent Art supply tips! Magazines, junk mail, used envelopes, old yellow page phone books, discarded books, wrapping paper, tissue wrapping paper, are all things that can be painted over and can be used in collage/mixed media artwork!

    Thanks for featuring my Pink Flowers Coffee Mug design!!