Monday, March 7, 2011


I made a bunch of abstract posters Monday
Bought some diet sprite instead of my usall drink of water at a convenience store. Would have liked some diet root beer but the store didn’t have any way.

Here are a few of my abstract posters

Smash Smash

My happy heart Joined

Above and Bellow

pretty flower

For teens

cherry blossom

Big head girl

Pool party


Cute Chick


cool books and robots
Library speckcase
Library by mydetic
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  1. Thanks for featuring my Red Mum invitations design!! LOVE your pretty abstract posters! Great job. :)Posted some new artwork in my store. :)

  2. Love the colors in your abstract posters.

    Many thanks for featuring my Baby Chick binder. Greatly appreciated! Susan

  3. Itaya and susan welcome :-)
    Itaya that's great I will look for your new art.


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