Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free Add Day

Post a free add For your Zazzle Shop today

If your Zazzle shop is g rated post an ad in the comment section. If you have 14 shops you can advertise all of them. Please do not add a RF number or star after your store link.

Updated Art program

One of my art programs/apps updated so I have been playing with it. There is something life affirming about creating. It will take a while for new pieces to go up.

Charge up Home/life

These are things I’ve done in the past few weeks Simple changes big impact. What are your change ups.

1. New tub mat “an inexpensive way to change up a bathroom.

2. If you are an artist display some of your own art in corner not to sell but just to enjoy.

3. Told people I care about that I love them

4. Listen to uplifting music 5. Read or get a book to learn something new.

My latest art products

If anyone wants to refer my store with zazzle Affiliate plan. My store is

The Modern way 77.7: Modern art Gallery Wrapped Canvas
The Modern way 77.7: Modern art Gallery Wrapped Canvas by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse other Modern Canvas Prints
Passing this month Neil Armstrong who made reaching galaxies possible Phyllis Diller who made people laugh Jerry Nelson, Count of 'Sesame Street,' who taught children to count


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