Friday, August 31, 2012


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This not the last time I will talk about giving. People who give more are happier.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about giving. Rich people aren’t always greedy some were very giving before and after they give. People who give more end up more successful than those who don’t. (That’s not why you should give anyway but this was proven by a study that showed people who gave 10% of their income to charity were more successful than those who did not.) People often make comments "why isn’t a person giving locally." Most people I see who give overseas also give locally. You can do both.

People who give are more likely to be their community leaders no matter what party they belong to. The last myth is you have to be mega rich to give in the first place. There a lot of cheap ways to give.

1. Give to your church

2. Buy gum in coin operated machines sponsored by charities

3. Buy second hand clothes at charity thrift stores. Its good for the earth and can save you money.

4. Give without people knowing who you are

5. Donate your squidoo earnings to charity

6. Donate your time

7. you can donate by making a few clicks and looking for ads.

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  1. Fantastic message today Val! I agree that we can give in any number of ways and it doesn't have to be to a charity.

    Thank you so much for featuring two of my paintings! I am honored to be featured with such lovely artworks by everyone. Love your 'Faith Up' print! So pretty. :)

    Blessings to you and yours!