Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Change Up!

My birthday just past and Was able to get some cool gifts, I needed, headsets, a stability ball, lunch with my family, and a few inexpensive art aps. Fun Math I did a little art last night. I love doing new art. I have de-cluttered most of the old kid socks though I am keeping a couple to make puppets. I found a new love for puppets when I took a paper alligator puppet and turned into a southern math math teaching Alligator. I hated math as child and was always making stories up for the numbers. 1 and 2 were the parents 3 and 4 were their small children. 5 and six were sisters always vying for 7's attention. What are your favorite ways to teach math? My latest Art Some stuff I like
Cupcake Pendant
Cupcake Pendant by loudesigns
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  1. Happy Just Past Birthday Valerie! Hope you had loads of fun.

    I love your story about how you used to make up things about numbers for math. So cute. I hated math too. Still not crazy about it and only do it when absolutely have to! :)

    Thank you for featuring my Purple Tulips Puzzle on today's post. You're the best!