Monday, November 5, 2012

Charge up your life, art Maximizing Your Blog, thanks,

Are heart goes to those in the storm Sandy's path.

Ways Charge up your life

1. Take a nap

2. Hug someone you love

3. Create short meaningful activities, little things add up

4. Eat fruit today

5. Make art

6. Write a thankful list

7. Love bravely

8. Give

Zazzle has new ipad covers these are some of mine

Maximizing Your Blog

1. Interview other people in your subject matter. If your blog is about children’s books interview children’s book writers, if it’s about artists on Zazzle then you should interview zazzlers.

2. Offer something free it doesn’t have to be expensive. I offer free advertisement space in my blog.

3. Tweet your blog posts so more people can find out about them.

4. While content is King it’s more than just content. I’ve seen blogs with amazing content have few comments and readers because they aren’t telling people about their blog.

5. Write subjects you find interesting.

6. Imagine your mom or boss reading your blog. Yes there is free speech but free speech doesn’t mean free from consequences. Free speech only deals with government censorship.

Free ADD day Put an add for your G rated Zazzle, Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet, store, In the comment section. You can also add free advertisements for children’s books Nor stars or rf NUMBERS please.

Thanks I am thankful for my family 2. For food 3. For exercise 4.For sleep 5. For hugs. 6. For art 7. For movies

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