Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Thankful Heart Jar

The Thankful Heart Jar

I received a gift for my family this weekend. I received a pretty jar with a metal lid and small plastic bag of beans. Now this might seem like on odd gift but it’s actually a gratitude jar. You take a spoon and mention something you are thankful for and scoop it into the jar until full then you start over again. If you program computers I guess you could make a virtual jar.

Gratitude List Whiteboard

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thankful list husband and children



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  1. Very nice post! I really love your abstract designs. And many many thanks for letting us add our store links :) - here is mine:

  2. I really like the idea of a gratitude jar. I also like your Farmer's Market mug

  3. Add mine, too...,, 8-)

  4. Wow, what a fabulous opportunity. Thank you so much. My store is here:

    Much love!

  5. Thank you for letting us list here. Love your work.

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  6. thank you :-) I updated the lens and added the shops as well

    suevianarts thank you I am glad you like my abstracts you have some very cool fractal art.

    Valerie thank you so much for your kind words on my kawaii art. That little jar has been a big benefit to the family.

    Crystal I hope you sell lots of books. Thank you so much.

    nythroughthelens very cool photos your Jenny Lake Canvas is pretty cool

  7. Thank you for the feature of my artwork above! I love the 3 cases of yours that you featured. Very stunning pieces. :)

    My shop can be visited at -

    Thank you for YOU Val! :)

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    1. I like the little figure on the dry-erase board! Thanks for the opportunity to leave a link here, here is my store "those cool animals", filled with cartoon creatures of many kinds:

  9. The gratitude jar is a lovely idea. I'm a day late to reply so hope this still makes the cut. Thanks in advance! Happy Holidays!