Friday, January 25, 2013

Painting On Paper Bags,Creative Inspiration, Artsy Necklaces

Today I thought I would talk about painting on brown paper bags as I love exploring alternative surfaces to paint on. I'm sharing a video by The Frugal Artist and she shows you how to paint a poppy flower on a paper bag. Easy Peasy!  Feel free to fast forward through the first minute or so as she is telling some jokes at the beginning.  :)

You can visit The Frugal Artist at her site and see that she has all kinds of how-to videos and tutorials to help you create in frugal ways.

Here are a few paintings that I did on brown paper. 

In each of these paintings I applied a few coats of Gesso to the back and allowed to dry before painting the front. It helps to make the brown paper surface sturdier and less likely to bubble from the water in the paint. Gesso is pretty inexpensive and you can get it at Michaels Art stores, JoAnn Stores, and on Amazon as well.

Here are more awesome creative pieces to help motivate you to get out your brown paper bags and paints and start creating!

Solitude Round Necklace From Original Painting
Solitude Round Necklace From Original Painting by Itayasdesigns
View more silver pendant designs at Zazzle.

Take care everyone! I'll be seeing you soon with more creative inspirations.
Be sure and let us know if you try or have tried painting on brown paper bags as we would love to hear about it in the comments section. :)



  1. the landscape is lovely I would never guessed its painted on a paper bag

  2. Thank you Val! It is one of my favorites. Almost as soon as I listed it for sale, it sold. I'm happy it went to a good home but I do miss it some times. :)