Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Amazon Prime and How I Got Free Movies

I love shopping online and Amazon is my go to place to find good deals on everything from specialty shampoos to popcorn machines at fabulous prices. Amazon Prime means it comes from their warehouse and not a secondary seller. All products come with free shipping if you spend 25 dollars or more on Amazon Prime items, other sellers set their own shipping on many products. Books are a set rate of 3.98, CDs and DVDs are 2.98.
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Amazon Prime members get adding bonuses, membership is 79 dollars a year, but there are ways to maximize your savings to make the most of your money. Free two day shipping on most Prime items, excluding add-ons. If you are not a Prime member you will not know what these add-ons are. They are smaller cheaper items that can only have free shipping if you pay 25 dollars or more. These are items that would cost more to ship than the actual item. These are normally 2 to 5 dollar items such as shampoos and soaps. What I do is make a wish list of these items that I need and then buy them together or buy them when I am getting a more expensive item.
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Amazon has free Prime movies for their members. You can watch these movies over your computer, over your internet blu-ray systems or over your Roku box and even on your Kindle fires and over your Kindle fire HD players. You just need to follow the steps and link your account to the player of your choice. If you have or buy a Kindle fire for yourself, you accounts will be automatically linked to your Prime membership. Free Prime books from their extensive lending Library. You can read these on your computer or Kindle products. If you love to read this will be great for you. They have thousands of books in their rotating Library. Most importantly you and can even make a few dollars of your fees back. Over the holiday season I made 26 dollars back in free movie rentals. During the Christmas season they have huge discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but these deals have to be bought right away, within fifteen minutes of clicking on it and placing it in your cart you have to purchase it or it will go someone else. Many of these were DVDs that were only 1.97 and blu-rays that were as low as 4 dollars. Every time I bought an item like this I'd buy it right away and pick a slower shipping rate. I didn't need these in items in 2 days and since I picked a shipping time of 3-5 days, I'd get 1 dollar and free movie rentals each time. A year ago I couldn't buy any of their deals because after putting it in my cart, I'd have to buy more items to get free shipping and I'd would have spent more money than I was saving, so I missed out on a lot of deals. I got more free rentals by buying electronics that came with free Amazon movie rentals as well. I needed an extra Roku box for myself, buying it gave me 5 more dollars in free movies, plus getting the slower shipping gave me even more movie promotional codes. You don't have to plug in codes either, you can rent them and they money is automatically deducted from your available codes. I don't remember the rental code for our old Roku box, so I rent the movies on our Kindle fire and play it back on our roku. So what did I do with all this digital cash? I bought Napoleon Dynamite the Animated Series for 9.99, digitally buying it was the only option to see it, since it's not available to rent and is not on blu-ray or even DVD. I rented ParaNorman, Hotel Transylvania which I loved, Frankenweenie, Rocket Man, Holes and Men in Black 3. Even through the last of the codes, expired at the end of last month I still haven't seen all of the movies, because when you rent them you have a full month before they expire. When you push play, you only have 24-48 hours to watch it. I had 48 hours on ParaNorman, so I saw it 3 times, Hotel Transylvania I only had for 24 hours so I saw it only twice, but I loved and will some day buy it on blu-ray.

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  1. Great info about Amazon Prime Lou. I have a feeling it will make more and more sense to shop this way in the near future as there are just so many awesome deals on Amazon.

    Thank you for featuring my 'Solitude' Doodle speaker design. :)