Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Generosity Experiment, Valentines, free PR day

Today is a great Family day and I love the time I am getting to spend with them. I wrote some of this post last night so I could have more time with family. I was going to post it Monday but realized there was a short window to post today.

Change up Your Life: The Generosity Experiment


As part of my quest to be more thankful and feel more gratitude I thought I’d work on generosity. I don’t believe the science of getting Rich has it right when the author thinks charity is unimportant. What would you add to the list? Some of these things might be different.

1. Be generous with my smile. More people aren’t smiled at enough.

2. Be generous with reading to my children

3. Be generous with promoting other zazzlers and not just promoting myself. Great artists need to know that they are worth promoting.

4. Be generous with my gifts of books to my little ones. Give the gift of reading.

5. Be generous to myself with the amounts of water I give it. I need to learn to drink more water.

6. Be generous to the school donate more by donating school supplies and treasure box gifts to the class.

7. Be generous with fun.

If you have a G rated Zazzle, shop, G rated ebook, kids book, g cookbook, or Etsy shop, you can promote your stuff right in your comments. Promote as many as 15 shops. No stars or referral numbers please as to not to mess up the contributors referrals.

My Valentines Valentines This are my new valentines they can be customized with names and even turned into belated valentines incase you forgot about the day

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  1. Very lovely post as always Val! Thank you for the feature as well. :)

    I love your list of things to be more generous with. I want to be more generous with my gratitude and verbalizing it to others more. I think saying 'Thank YOU!' can go a very long way in helping someone to feel all warm and special inside. Especially if it is something they didn't expect to get a 'Thank You' for. :)

    Some of my links -*

    Have a fantastic weekend with your awesome family!

  2. Definitely agree. We should all be more thankful for the things we have, rather than whining about the things we don't have. Thanks for the reminder :)

    Here is my Zazzle store:

    Enjoy the time with your family :)

  3. Great post, I love your generosity experiment :) I smile at everyone , and I love when they smile back, because just a smile can lift someone up. *SMILE

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  4. Great list with lots of important things to keep in mind. We get so involved with rushing through the moment, we forget to linger and enjoy it. One thing I've been doing lately is whenever I see an old person alone, I smile at them and say something if I can think of something on the spur of the moment. You should see how they light up! It feels great.

    Here are a few of my shops on Zazzle...

    Thanks for the generous reminders and also for the opportunity!

  5. Very nice post and thanks for the reminder! Love your Valentine's Day cards. Here is our Cajun cards, invitations and gifts shop on Zazzle:

    Thanks, happy Mardi Gras and Happy Valentine's day to you!

  6. Great post and some very good ideas to be generous!

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    You have very cute and unique valentine cards! I've tweeted a link to them :)

  7. Thanks for reminding me what's important. I need to be more generous with my time, because there are people around me who need it. I'll be sure to share this post. Happy Valentines Day!

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    And my two blogs where I promote other Zazzler's products as well as some of my own.