Monday, September 15, 2014

Discovery comics, thankful list

I want to tell you about discovery comics

You should no longer fear your children reading comics. Discovery comics are educational. They sent a few comic books and I am amazed by the amount of titles.

There is a comic activity guide called operation back yard that teaches composting. One of the titles was a Visit to an Animal hospital which in only 12 pages give extensive information on animal care.

While learning comic books aren't right for every child they can be a nice short way to introduce a subject. Children with autism ADHD and other learning disorders sometimes prefer reading in a comic book forum.

Comic books are a great way for age appropriate learning tools for reluctant reader. Also a discovery comics has jem of a non educational comic called popcorn. Short Graphic Novels like Popcorn are a good way to get kids who hate to read into readers.

Thankful list

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