Monday, March 9, 2015

Exercise at Many Budget Levels

Exercise For Many Budget Levels

Before you start to exercise, embrace who you are. Exercise should not be about being thin but being stronger and healthy. The celebrities with the so called perfect bodies have an amazing beauty secret that you can purchase called "photo shop." Most celebrity photos are altered heavily. They do not look like they do in magazines. Even 18 and 20 year olds have body flaws.

Exercising makes me feel better not matter what my weight is no matter if I am yo-yoing as long as I am not sick. No Budget:

Walk inside, or march in front of TV barrow fitness DVDS from the library. Go on a exercises treasure hunt bet there is something you have you bought and just aren't using. re-useable Water bottles, small weights, jump ropes, hula hoops, unused fitness equipment can all be useful. Low Budget: Buy a small set of weights:

If you want to lift weights lift weights if you do not than don't lift but don't use soup cans and water bottles. Sorry but soup cans don't weigh enough or grip right. Bottles do not replace weights. If bottles are a pound or more they are usually awkward to hold. Unless you are using discarded water bottles Some brands of disposable water can cost around the same price or more as cheap pound weights. You will save more money in the long run by getting a re-useable water bottle and using tap to drink. Moderate Budget:

1. Pedometers 2. More than one weight set. 3. A high end re-useable water bottle. 4. New sneakers or walking shoes. Big Budget

There are many exercise apps free and pay for android phones and iphones. Getting a cell phone can be expensive but highly motivating. Buying big fitness equipment. Paying to join a 5k. Gym:

if you are a large weight lifter gyms make perfect sense. Gym memberships can run as low as $10 a month. A fancy gym might cost extra. Sometimes the money is well spent on exercise but only if you use it. If you actually use your gym membership than its money well spent, but if your like me I am not a gym bunny or a large weight lifter.

Exercise should be Fun:

Fun by making exercise a reward in itself not something that is torture.

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  1. Great article Val! Thank you for featuring some of my water bottle designs. :)

    Some of the best work out videos I've found are on youtube. Pretty much any video by Leslie Sansone is good. I like that you can start out with 15 minutes of walking and you will have walked a mile when you are done. If you are just starting out, you will definitely be sweating by the time you are done too.

    She has videos for different time lengths and mile markers. This one is my favorite - 15 Minute Interval Walking with Leslie Sansone.