Thursday, March 26, 2015

In Celebration Of Rain

I have written a new haiku and a new article. I was inspired while taking a walk today. It started to rain but I didn't care I was determined. Today is a celebration, a gift. I will be working on another poem and that will be called the broom, but its a working title. I have been writing poetry since I was 12. Poetry was a good way for me to express how I was feeling sad. I would rebel, reshape and create with words.

In Celebration Of Rain

By Valerie of Abundancelovetrip

Glitter like Rain

Nature's confetti falls down

Sky celebration


Thankful List Family, god, rain, frozen fruit, joy, hugs, exercise, fuzzy socks, crocs, rainbows, double rainbows, My Art

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  1. Nice Haiku Val! I never could wrap my brain around creating Haikus. Poetry, yes. Used to write it a lot. Didn't know we have that in common. :) Thank you for featuring my greeting card design!

    Hope you have sunshine soon.

  2. I didn't know you wrote poetry as well. I don't often get the time now.

    Haiku are often about nature mostly but I also like to write about other things as well. They also can have double meanings.
    I don't claim this one is good but it shows how they are made.

    First line 5 syllable line like "Fuzzy lunging cats
    Second line 7 syllable paw prints on the muddy path
    Last Line 5 syllble Hunt forgotten mice

    Rain is not so bad, waters the plants :-)