Friday, March 13, 2015

Inspieration Day: Creativity Ideas For Artists, Fun Fitness, Toot Your Horn

Creativity Ideas For Artists

Be your own muse don't wait for inspiration or get frustrated by artist block. Take charge of your artistic self. 1. Paint, draw, sculpt something you've already done. You will be surprised how old things can launch new ideas.

2. Finger painting: Sometimes children's art activities can bring new ideas. Finger paints, crayons, play clay, and colored pencils can all become art.

3. Take photos: Your own photos can inspire new art and even be art in itself. Photos of food and landscapes can art in itself.

4. Make a scrap book or even a note book to list artist ideas.

5. Get some of your favorite music and dance

6. Go for a walk even an indoor walk can give you clarity

7. Just create art no matter how imperfect.

8. Go back to an unfinished art project.

9. Go to an art museum.

10. Make a collage.

11. Take an art class or watch an art how to video on youtube about an art technique you don't do. 12. Go to a craft store or and see if the supplies themselves can give you ideas. 13. Cook a homemade meal from scratch. Cooking is creating, and food is art for the belly. 14. Stop comparing yourself to artists and do your own thing. 15. Buy some fruits and vegetables: The amazing colors can be inspiring and tasty too. 16. Buy a children's art app for android, or ipad. Many of these apps are free or very cheap and can be very inspiring. 17. Write your own ideas on index cards, unused children's valentines, decorate them and pick them at random. Do what ever the art card says. One card says, paint or draw, and the next card might be an object or an animal.

18. Read a classic story or book Like Little Red Ridding Hood or pride and prejudice.

19. Scents like perfume can evoke emotions. Use scents to inspire your art.

20. Believe in your art and have fun.

Fun Fitness Ideas

Instead of doing rewards for exercise how about making exercise the reward by making it fun.

March in place while you read book or listen to a book on tape.

Use a stationary bike or do step aerobics while watching TV

Make fitness into some kind of roll playing game, exercise is experience points. Create Supplies worth extra points trade with friends.

Make exercise cosplay outfits. If you want to exercise in costume at home than by all means do so just make sure you have no pieces that can get snagged with fitness equipment like capes. Safety first! This might be fun to do with friends.

Dust off the WII or Kinect and get some fitness video games out.

Reclaim your childhood: I was never good with a hula hoop, jump rope or hop scotch as kid were you? Use your child hood favorites.

Create your own private 5k with only you competing, compete against yourself, your time and be your own cheerleader.

Go to a thrift store. You never know what you might find. There might be ideas sound there. Also its a great place to donate unwanted clean items.

Create your own badges and fitness awards for yourself. I have included a free badge for you to save and print out. This badge is mine and not for commercial use.

Fitness award Template

Toot Your Horn

Share good news with us in the comment section. Have a book published? Made a new piece of art? Ran a 5k? Had a baby or a grand-baby? Got married? Got out of debt? Share it here. Create

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  1. Such great ideas Val! Another place I can get inspiration from is going to garage sales. It's fun to make out a list of things you would like to find for the day and then watch as they start to appear at the different sales. :)

    Thank you for the promos! I love seeing the ones you pick for me.

    Let's see. I do have a new digital and graphic design art blog I can share a link for everyone to visit. There are lots of freebies by now to download. Drop by Wise Owl Whimsies and hopefully everyone will find something they can use in their creative projects.

    Have a great weekend!