Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Every time I go grrr argg and raise my left arm in zombie stance it hurts a little it was much worse yesterday. It’s just over use from exercise. I think I will just march in place today. I think I still can exercise but I am waiting for our new mixer from UPS.
I will admit I am kind of scared of appliances or rather breaking them. I also hate cleaning some of them because it takes longer to clean a food processer than shred the cheese by hand.
I like blenders because they don’t have two million parts.

I put one of my abstract arts on a photo card

One of my Ties that I re-did its a Narwhal with a Space cupcake

More art


lovely, amazing art

Hugs Love Kisses stamp
Hugs Love Kisses by fancybelle
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  1. Thank you for the feature, that was very kind!

  2. Many thanks for featuring my owly card!!
    Much appreciated!!

  3. sandybau I love your art its lovely
    Ashley welcome :-) I love finding people to promote

  4. Ha ha your text about the kitchen appliances is awesome! You're so funny! :D