Monday, January 3, 2011

Hey Artists

Hey artists
Are you an artist what kind, digital arts, painting, jewelry making, sculpting, quilting, drawing, photos, artisn soaps?

My stand mixer broke and I am going to have to do bread dough by hand till the new mixer arrives.

One of my latest abstract

One of my kawaii abstract

Some cool zazzle stuff I found

Rocking TBA Winner love this:
Angel card
Angel by SuviAnniina
Shop for a greeting card on

So cute

Lovely bird

Love These Flowers




Nice Invites


  1. Thank you Dear Lady for featuring my 'Aqua Sunrise' Postcard!! You always pick such lovely things to feature and I am very honored to be included! Happy New Years to you and your lovely family. :)


  2. thank you so very very much for featuring my Japanese inspired blooms here on your blog... it means so much when others like my work enough to feature it. Wishing you a wonderful first week of 2011 :)
    Pip ♥

  3. Until I noticed the link, thank you for the card has reached a stunning set of images :-)