Thursday, January 13, 2011

My first Comic

Have a Happy Weekend!

My first Comic

This is my first comic post. I hope to have my next comic strip up by Tuesday and I hope then to do the comic every Monday.

The images aren't showing up as large as they should be.

All I wanted was minions but sadly cupcake minions just get eaten

This rooster is well done, very bright and fun.


So well done and amazing, love the rainbow jump rope

Stuff on zazzle
One of my fave artists and a sweetie

mmmm cute :-)

I love this tree, very cute, well done

This card is cute and cool valentine card

nice birds

classic and romantic

Mmmm cake for princess

Cute robot

Chosen for blog mmm lemons

Just magic, Sparkles



So cute :-)love the Fairy

I thought this looked cool

cute cooking binder

So cute lovw this sea pianist

This just pops

Abstract shoes

Valentine for a husband

Fab tree

Lovely art
Cool :-)


This looks cool

Lovely TBA winner

Cool Beach wedding invites


  1. Great collection, thank you for including mine :)

  2. What a delight for my Postcard Lemons sticker to be featured on your blog. I appreciate it very much. Thank you. Sarah

  3. Yayyy! Love the new comic design! Very cute. :) Thanks for promoting my Heart and Circles design!! Always appreciated. :) I'm putting a link to your blog on this design on Zazzle so folks can come and visit you. Happy Friday!!

  4. Great Collection of Designs, thanks for featuring my 'Princess' button! :-)

  5. welcome First night, and Shell
    Itaya thanks so much :-)

  6. Thank you so much for featuring 2 of my invitations here! Best wishes! ~ Amy (Starzraven)

  7. Amy welcome :-) so very much I love promoting other artists.

  8. Thank you for featuring my binder here! Olympia from zazzleproducts1