Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wish list

My wish List
1. To spend time with my husband and little ones
2. My mother in law is ill and I wish for a speedy recovery. I love her lots and lots. She raised a wonderful son and I think of her as Mom.
3. That my mom’s friend continues to improve after her accident
4. That people show lots of to Japan.
5. To teach my children well
6. To get some vintage clothes at thrift store.
7. To get more art supplies
8. To find some missing items of mine
9. To make more art

What do you wish for

My new abstract art :-)



Amazing butterflies

cat painting

vintage yogi


  1. Very pretty abstract art you created in today's list! The colors are amazing. Love the little toaster business cards too. :) Thank you very much for featuring my Stroll In The Park greeting card design!!

    Sending lots of healing light for your MIL and your friend to speedy recoveries!