Tuesday, April 5, 2011


How do you make your art?
What makes you happy?
What kind of art do you like?
Are you kind

What was some of your favorite TV shows as a kid/teen/dult
Some shows I liked, Reading Rainbow, star trek, the Cosby Show

What questions do you ask yourself?

Jelly Beans 18 sticker
Jelly Beans 18 by deegolden
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Art I've just done


  1. Thank you for featuring my invitations design!!

    Questions - 1. How do I make my art? Mostly I paint with acrylic paints. Sometimes I like to create layered and textured pieces using Photoshop. 2. What makes me happy? Being creative really makes me happy and spending time with those that I love. 3. I have my 'not so kind' days but mostly I hope I am an over all kind person. 4. Favorite shows? Batman! Bewitched! I Dream Of Jeanie! and I'm sure there were others. :)

    Love the pretty designs you created for this post! The little monkey is so cute and perfect for invites. You are Awesome!!

  2. thank you :-) I love the look of paintings.