Monday, April 11, 2011

art programs

Art Programs
Going to a computer store for me is the same as Pairs Hilton not going to a shoe store. I got to go to a computer store last weekend with my husband after a long time of
being busy. My husband needed something and I wanted to look at art programs/software. I have been obsessed with trying out new programs since I got my tablet. I was shocked at the huge reduction of software. There were only two or three titles of software one I already had.
What art programs/software do you use if any? I use many, right now I am newly using Gimp painter’s Studio. It’s difficult but I like the results so far.
What arts and craft stores do you like to go to?

My abstract cup

My new abstract

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Goddess Power Mug! :) I love your Abstract Mug design!! Very pretty. Looks like you've been working hard to make some pretty new abstract designs. :)

    I noticed the same thing when I went to Best Buy recently myself...hardly any software to buy anymore! It was bizarre.

    I mostly use Photoshop and Paintshop when I do decide to do a digital design. There are so many things I'd love to learn one day with digital art but just don't have the time to pursue it right now. Maybe one day I will settle down and get you to tutor me on the best program for me! :)

  2. thanks :-)
    I hear paintshop is a nice program.
    I think the best is what people's needs are.
    There some art programs other people love but don’t fit my need on a creative level.

  3. Hello from Portugal!:)) Found you on Twitter! And been reading your posts and enjoying sellection you made:very good! Well, I am having some trouble with the art programs I use. They are old.I need a new computer. Mine is old too. But laptops all have the new Windows 7 on it and my art programs will not work in it! So I've been thinking about free art programs like Gimp or Inkscape. I use Photoshop to paint and deal with photos and Illustrator to create drawings, vector art. I also like a very old one called Freehand MX 11 for this. I think I must win the lotery. Otherwise I can't afford new software.:(

  4. Following your blog! Check mine and follow if you like it!;)