Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Money Saving tips for Artists,

More Money Saving tips for Artists
More ways to save money so you can be the Artist you want to be
1. You can use computer paper for sketch paper if you’re only going to scan your art in a computer. If you’re going to sell the originals than get sketch paper.
2. Get rid of cable and do Netflix which is a lot cheaper. The savings can be used for art supplies.
3. Check prices of graphic tablets via Amazon. Tablets come in all sizes and many different price ranges. Check reviews first some tablets are cheap for a reason.
4. If you’re into handbags instead of expensive ones look at handmade one at Etsy or buy lesser expensive models and embellishing it making your bag a work of art.
5. Use the library to check out books on art technique.
6. Find other artists and mentor each other this is cheaper

Game ideas
Anyone recommend a game that is easy promotes speaking, turn taking and reading. I've been making my own games.

One of my new abstracts

My Koala :-) Koalas aren't Bears though I sometimes still call them that

Zazzle finds

Cute Goth

A sweet angel






very well done



I like this
Sanctuary speckcase
Sanctuary by charmedy
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Duck mug
Duck! mug
Duck! by loudesigns
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  1. Thank you for featuring my stamp design! What an adorable Koala Bear you created! Love your money saving tips too.

    I suggest looking for different structures to paint on besides the norm. Brown paper can be gessoed and made into a nice painting surface. Some artists paint on gessoed cardboard, wood blocks, and mdf board which can be bought quite reasonably at Home Depot. If it can be gessoed on, then I just might give a shot at painting on it! :)

  2. That rocks :-) I love your use of wood and found "Cardboard" canvas

    my mom uses wood as well

    I am thinking of the paperbags would rock

  3. Thanks so much for the "Guardian Angel" Post from me (lovelyfriends) :)

    More angel stuff you can find here: