Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I had a wonderful wedding Anniversary

Fostering Art in children and Adults as well
Years ago I read a home-school book that I got free from the library discard pile.
I didn’t like this book because it was poor for creative, and learning disabled children.
It’s way of teaching Art for preschoolers was just to show a photo of an art piece and then give a meaning for the piece. There was no room for the child’s own thoughts. There was no room for real play. The whole book was dull and often full of misinformation.
I think you foster art by making art yourself, then letting the children create. Museums are cool as well.

how do you foster art?

Mine Abstract Business card

mine ticket to the party

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  1. I agree...I think children should be allowed to be able to show their creativity springing from their own thoughts & interpretation of things around them. Happy anniversary! =)

  2. Hope you are doing well! Thank you for featuring my iPad case design!

    I agree, if you let your children be a part of and witness to your creative flow, then they will naturally tune into theirs! You are such a good Mom and teacher. :)