Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey Monday

I need to do some digital painting with the tablet for a birthday card but I’ve found I have a lot of other stuff I needed to do.

I decided to do a thankful list on Monday
For my husband and kids
I am thankful for my mother in law
I am thankful for naps
I am thankful for naps

My new summer Birthday card
Happy Birthday card
Happy Birthday by AbundanceLoveTrip
Start selling my art online with zazzle.

Zazzle finds

lovely flower

super cute

well drawn

cute cute cute princess

Abstract mine

"Inner abstract" by AbundanceLoveTrip
See other silver necklace designs from Zazzle.

Kawaii bride 1
Bride invitation
Bride by AbundanceLoveTrip
Create an invitation on zazzle

Kawaii bride 2


lovely tree


  1. Great list today!! Love your little brides and your beach scene birthday card. All are adorable! Great job. :)

    Thanks for listing my Oh Happy Day Rack Card design! Very honored to be included. :)

  2. Welcome :-)
    Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun doing the art for the brides. I loved making them.
    I might post the rest at a later date.

  3. love the necklace...oh my it speaks to me.

  4. Lady Coles thank you :-) so very much.

  5. Thank you very much for including my artwork.. :)