Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Working at Home Can Help Others, Thankful Thusday

How Working at Home Can Help Others

You might work at home part or full time but working at home can benefit people around you.

1. Reduce competition for jobs
2. Reduce gas prices because they work at home they use less gasoline for automobiles. Reducing demand.
3. Making the air cleaner with less use of gas.
4. Promote the arts, through companies like and
5. Creating a demand for homemade meals.
6. Families of work at home parents get to see them more, even if its working.

Family, husband, little ones and mother and law
That I won an award for my art
What are you thankful for

My I'm a writer mousepad: I've been published but now I am mostly into art

lovely painting




  1. Thankful for...

    For friends (like YOU!) that constantly inspire me and make me feel that perhaps I do have some artistic talent. :)

    Being able to work and create from home!

    My family!!

    My unborn grandchild!!

    A good nights rest!

    Have a wonderful weekend Valerie!! :)

  2. Thankful for my husband, children & grandchildren, & that we haven't had any tornadoes yet in our storm season so far this year! Let's hope that continues=) Love the little owl!