Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday, abstracts, Give Gratitude

Been doing Abstract business cards lately.
Creating abstracts are fun for me. There is something fun about finding hidden meaning in art.

Give Gratitude
Some ideas to give not regular gifts but Gratitude
1. Give Twenty kisses
2. Give a Thank you
3. Give Art
4. Give Hugs
5. Give things clothes, books, kitchen gadgets to a thrift store
6. Give kind words to those you love

My Abstract business card

My Abstract business card

My Abstract business card

My Abstract business card

Zazzle Finds thank you

thank you


lovely painting

Thank you : Cute

Thank you: Creative

Thank you: Classy

Thank you

things to do

naps are nice


Thank you

thank you card

A thank you to the planet


Breast Cancer Fairry button



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my binder - I much appreciate it.

  2. Hi Val! Cheers and thanks a mill for featuring Christine's art (The King of Prussia). Good on ya! ~ Colin.

  3. Beautiful Collection!! I love your abstract business cards! Abstract art can be very freeing can't it? Glad you are enjoying it and are sharing so many lovely designs with us all. :)

    Thank you for featuring my Pretty In Pink oval stickers design!!

  4. Hey Val! Your latest abstract cards are great. Lovely!