Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas, Birthdays, Gelli Plates, iPad Sleeves and More!

Tuesday was my birthday and my sweet hubby surprised me with a Gelli Plate for monoprinting type artwork. Check out this link to their blog - Gelli Arts . Here are a few images of fun things you can create using one of their Gelli Plates.

And a cool video showing how to create some of these awesome art designs - 

People have been doing monoprinting for ages using glass plates, gelatin plates, and lots of other smooth surfaces. I experimented with making my own gelatin plates using Knox gelatin and did have some success with it. Here is a link to start your research for making your own if you like - Quick Gelatin Plate Tutorial . Just go to Linda Germain's Blog for tons more tips and techniques. 

Although Linda makes it look super easy, there are some drawbacks to using a gelatin plate. For starters, the gelatin must be kept in the fridge and it does breakdown easily. So....I requested a Gelli Plate for my birthday and I got one! I'm very grateful for my hubby and my Gelli Plate.  :) I'll be playing with it and creating all kinds of cool art really soon once things settle down from the holidays.  

You can visit my Art Blog where I posted a bit more about the above technique and some of the things I've created doing monoprinting so far. 

Have someone on your list that wants/needs a laptop or iPad sleeve? Check these out!

Hope you aren't too stressed with your holiday shopping and planning! Take some time to sit and sip a cup of hot chocolate or tea and everything will be right as rain once again. 

Let us know what's on YOUR Christmas wish list this year! We love hearing from you.  :) 

Holiday Blessings!


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