Monday, December 10, 2012

Today I did Christmas shopping. I went to a craft mall. I got a few artisan items and some used but nice looking books. I also went to another store to buy some gifts for my husband. My husband went and bought the toys and gifts for the girls last week. I also got some activity based gifts that came via mail order. I will get the stocking stuffers the week of Christmas but even if I don’t I am pretty well set. I sent my sweet second mother. Aka my wonderful mother in law a Zazzle mug of a favorite artwork. So are you set for Christmas?

Thankful list for Today My husband and girls, my mother law, my church, my art, carrots, water, music, and more My Art

My new Big Eyed Art "Upadted this plate" My latest Abstract Art by the others
Sense and Sensibility Puzzle
Sense and Sensibility Puzzle by loudesigns
View more puzzle designs from Zazzle.

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  1. I'm finishing a few things I'm crafting/sewing for my little grandson as his birthday is one week after Christmas so want to make him a few things. Other than that, yeup...we're done shopping! Yayyy!

    Love your newest abstract piece above! Such pretty colors. Thank you for featuring some of my latest images and designs.

    Tomorrow is my birthday so think I will start making something for me. Maybe I'll sew me a new blouse for the holidays. :)

  2. Where to buy BELLYACHE and HEADACHE books for children. Fun fantasy adventures with life lessons! Signed copies available!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.