Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Christmas in July, thankful, Gifts for Sleepy Heads

lou of loudesigns who does some of the posts has been visiting me with my mom. Lou my sister if you don't know. We had Christmas in July today. I did a lot of my Promo work in the morning. We went shopping for some last minute gifts then went to a budget movie theater. It was the first time my kids have gone to a movie theater. We then went home to make dinner before my husband arrived. I made a Sheppard's pie. My sister made a tree from the pruned bush outside. We got my husband a bunch of cooking gifts. He loves to cook. The girls loved their gifts. They got dolls and teddy bears. We are celebrating Lou's birthday tomorrow. Her birthday is not tomorrow but I am not sure she can visit on her actual birthday. I gave lou a cute book. I got a doctor who poster and some nice bath products.

I am thankful List

I am thankful for my husband and girls

I am thankful for today

I am thankful for my sister, mom

I am thankful to god

I am thankful for my mother in law who I love and wish lived closer.

I am thankful for art

I am thankful for kindness

Gifts for Sleepy Heads You might know someone who takes naptime very seriously or with a little bit of fun. You might have someone who just loves a good snooze. Confession: I might have wrote this because I was tired and a cool pillow and a nap sounds great just about now.


1. Pillow pets (Big toys you can use as pillows)

2. Comfy blankets

2. Body Pillows

3. satin sheets

4. Happy nappers (like a pillow pet)

5. Foam memory pillow

Relax Modern art pillow 545
Relax Modern art pillow 545 by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Itaya and Loudesigns

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  1. Sounds like your Christmas in July celebration was a lot of fun! Thanks for the feature. :)