Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Signed books, Thankfully Creative ways to Donate to Charity

Thankfully Creative ways to say thanks

MY girls got to get an autograph and give a drawing to one of their favorite children's writer's today. My mom and sister came along and my mom says she had a great time even better than the kids. The kids had a great time. My oldest who hates to draw drew a cute drawing to give to the author.

Thankfully Creative ways to Donate to Charity

Giving Ideas

1. Many of your local charities might be in need of free volunteer work.

2. Purchasing from charity thrift stores. You save money plus a % of the money you spend helps people.

3. Donating clean used items to thrift stores.

4. You could get together with other people and donate $5 a month each to a local charity. Micro loans, for small business and education work better when you want to donate to other countries. This is so the money goes not to a bunch of overhead but to people wanting to change their lives.

5. http://www.thehungersite.com

6. Your own churches or community centers might have great ways for you to donate.

7. Charity gumball machines.

8.Make a self help article to help people save money. Thankfully Creative ways to say thanks

1. Make a homemade card

2. Buy them a piece of art

3. Take them out to eat at a mom and pop café or restaurant. 4. Just call them up and say thanks.

Transform Your Life Through Giving Transform through Giving this lens' photo A couple of very popular and old abundance book gave information that charitable work brought no good outcome. Studies show that people who give are more successful.

Feel better You can feel better about yourself by helping others Is a person who thinks only about themselves someone you want to know? Would you rather know someone who gives? It could be giving some money to your church's food pantry.

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  1. So many wonderful ideas! You are such a warm and giving person. It's no wonder you have such a long list of ways to give to others. :)

    How cute that your girls got to meet an author and share some artwork with them! You just never know how that may have inspired them for when they are older.