Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creating Zentangles and Doodle Art, Abstract Art and Gifts for Inspiration

Hello Everyone!

I thought today I'd share a few resources I've come across that might help you if you are into or want to learn to create Zentangles and Doodle Art. Not sure what Zentangles are? You can start with  Zentangle and then use Google and YouTube to fall down the rabbit hole with all the wonderful resources.

Five simple and easy Zentangle patterns to start with. 

Creating a Zendoodle Sampler

Some links to further your exploration - 

Now for some artwork and designs to help inspire you further with your creativity this week!

The Fighting Temeraire Post Cards by loudesigns
Find other The fighting temeraire Postcards at zazzle.com

Baby Shower Invitations From Original Painting
Baby Shower Invitations From Original Painting by Itayasdesigns
See other Baby shower Invitations

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are now more inspired than ever to doodle, paint, photograph or whatever your medium is to create something fabulous!



  1. I want to learn zen doodles and tangles


    1. I think you would be a natural at it Val! :) I'll bet your girls would love playing and creating with them as well. Maybe you could start a sampler like in the video above and let them finish it. I'd be willing to bet they would really enjoy Zentangles and doodle art!