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Stop Blaming millennials aka generation y for Business Failings
I read an article that blamed millennial for business failures. Generation y was renamed millennials because it didn't seem like any thought was but
I am tail end gen ex born on the early 70s
People don't buy as many napkins as much because cloth is elegant and reusable.
golf courses are expensive and its cheaper to buy a 300 dollar game console and golf a game.
I go to brick and mortar stores and they often don't have what I need at any price so I end up having to buy online.
Thrift stores are eco friendly.
I buy online and a lot of millennials do for the same reasons.
If shoppers walk or bike to work, have a disability, have one car they can't get to  mall or restaurant.  Not all communities, have public transit.  Those people no longer have to beg for
Friends. They shop online and order takeout. They can make food at home.
They are paying off student loan debt. They also can't buy things and eat out if they are not making a living wage. They are not buying avocado toast more than the rest of the population.
A lot of people are part time minimalists and more careful about what they buy.
  but spending what you don't have caused the economic problem so stop blaming people if they can't buy everything and are not buying what they can't. Walmart is offering pick up and I shop that and their new eco polices.

Why I make Tiny Art.
By abundancelovetrip
I sell my art prints via Zazzle.  I could never get in the minimalist  movement because I need art on the walls. Art to me is what makes  homes have personality especially if you have an apartment or manufactured home.  Art can be in a mansion, a shack, a condo, a trailer, RV,apartment and even a yurt; Unless your doing a mural art its removable and won't ruin the value of your home. Art on my walls and shelves is done by friends, family, independent, artists, and prints of mine and other indie artists.
I love canvas art sell canvas art, but I also sell tiny abstracts on photo prints, postcards mugs necklaces not everyone the money or space for a big canvas art.  I want art that can be in tiny . Also post cards and art on photo print paper can be framed.
I want people to be able to afford art. I might make less money on tiny art, but I feel this is something important and something more artists should be doing.
I am also mot just experimenting with prints but with tiny canvas art as well.   One project of mine will be tiny art made with spastic bits normally thrown out.

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Tiny art from others

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