Monday, June 5, 2017

Jane Austen Unboxing video, halo top ice cream review, book review

The video is an unboxing of the Jane Austen Action Figure. Its no my video but I sent that toy
Years ago for Christmas and it was finally opened. It is not a toy for anyone under 12. It has small sharp and pointy parts.

Hallo Top ice cream review
This is my opinion and I mean no disrespect to those who disagree. I am not a Doctor and don't claim to be. I read several anti Halo top ice cream articles. All the article made me do is try the ice cream. Never even heard of Halo top before the anti Halo top articles. I showed my husband one ofthe articles and forgot about it. Then my husband completely surprised me before bed. I had no idea it was in the freezer. While this isn't a health food its not filed with Franken food ingredients. The only thing remotely questionable in the ingredients would be the Stevia and erythritol. Both are natural ingredients but some have sensitivity to these sweeteners you might have to be careful. Erythritol can cause tummy issues if over indulged. This could be a weekly treat. It was less than $5 dollars a pint Where we live but I hear its I feel still its better for you than even a half cup of most premium ice cream but no one should eat only one food. my vanilla bean top was just 240 in calories. It was good. My husband had chocolate and his tasted like a really yummy fudge-cycle. My weight yo yos a lot and it has more to do with not writing down what I am eating than sugar substitutes its easy to replace the calories saved by less sugar more food. I will buy this treat again.

Random Acts review (found on byutv on Roku) Random acts is a show you can get on BYU TV its not religious but it is inspiring. Its a hidden Camera show with a message of kindness instead of humiliation.  some of  the show has mini kindness pranks like giving a treasure boxpeople who help a woman find her wedding ring or picking up uber customers in a luxury  car. Then there is a big event which is surprising a person going through a hard time.  The show stars William Rubio, Lisa Clark and Emilie star. Aaron Woodall is also in several episodes.

Book review: Bartholomew Baggins: a Zombie With Different Cravings by crystal Marcos While I know crystal Marcos through the internet I bought the ebook version with my own money from Amazon. I didn't revive a free copy or any gifts for this review. Its a delightful poem children's picture book if you Read it on kindle PC it will be in vibrant color. Its about a cute zombie who rather plant trees. While its for younger children this might appeal to older children as well at least the older child I let read it loved finding the hidden brains.   You could make activities with this book, such as math puzzles, planting trees, baking cookies and more.

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