Monday, June 19, 2017

Quater Yard Sale Haul .25 cents each vid, cheap and eco art and craft supplies,

This is a toy video fro the real prince club.
Cheap and Eco friendly art and craft supplies By askazombiehousewife If you are a broke artist or just cheap one there ways you can save money on art supplies. 1.Raid your recycling bin or ask friends for their discarded cardboard. You can turn cardboard into canvasses. Discarded plastic can be turned into sculpture. This is not only cheap its green. 2.Use quality student non toxic paints. Student paints for children do not have low quality and are usually more eco friendly than professional paints. 3. Use discarded wood as canvas but make sure its not treated with harsh chemicals first. 4. Make friends with thrift stores. Reusing things is greener than buying new supplies. Thrift stores can be like treasure hunts. We found yarn, cloth, picture frames and more. 5. Old clothes with tears in it that our too bad for the thrift store might be useful as sewing material. You Have a giant back of material right in your own home. 6. Yard sales can be treasure hunts but you have to have cash on hand. _-_-___----- My art

Around stuff found on Zazzle.

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  1. Your abstract art photo print looks amazing! It's so detailed and I love the colors.