Monday, July 17, 2017

I Won A Giveaway from Fantasy Princess LOL dolls, Day six weightliffting challange

Day Six weightlifting Challenge I did day six and I am so stocked Weddings you can get quirky invites, and wedding favors online. Though I am not sure about buying a wedding dress online. I got my wedding dress at a store that sold dresses that were samples for other dresses. My dresses ended up being 200 for the dress and 50 for alterations. My sister spent double than I did at the same bridal shop, but her dress was usually triple the price. The store owner told her she marked it wrong but she would sell the dress for marked price. It was the type of dress you see in celebrity magazines. before I got married I got am few writing gigs for an online bridal magazine. I was hopeful it would turn into a job, but the magazine went under and I don't think I was ever paid. For my own wedding reception allowed my bridal party to where whatever formal dress they had in green. I am not fussy. I had a sheet cake from the fancy bakery and a wedding cake from Walmart.


  1. I love that cute lobster, his claws are hearts <3

  2. I'll bet your wedding was awesome, Val! Thanks for the feature. :)