Monday, July 3, 2017

My Scary Free Haul,recycling rant

Recycling Rant
I  don't claim to be green.  I know my eco sins and don't believe in casting eco stones. Since my family orders groceries and picks them up some come in plastic bags, others are cardboard that once stored products. I talked with a non profit and their local garbage co wants to charge full garbage fees claiming they are a business. 
The recycling co is the only game in town when it comes to plastic and paper.
Another company does recycle cans and even pays.
It makes me mad because this smacks me as dishonest especially if they are going to resale it. Much sent to recycling companies is throw out.
Most recycling companies throw out  water bottles if you leave the cap on.  paper milk or nut milk containers with metal lining get thrown out.  Styrofoam is hard and expensive to recycle. Most companies don't recycle things.

2. Buy cloth napkins cheaper more elegant than paper.

3. Upcycle old things into amazing works of art or useful items.

4. Don't horde trash its not going make things more eco friendly because guilt makes you hold on to an item.

5. Popcorn bulk popcorn makes less waste than microwave popcorn.  There special microwave popcorn bowls you can buy.

6. I don't drink coffee or tea but I drink peppermint and other herb teas at home. You can be greener by making wheat coffee alternatives at home.    Many commercial coffee alternatives are too expensive. You can save money make less waist if you make coffee at home or buy your coffee from shops that serve them in mugs, or allows you to poor them in your own mug.  If you do go to a fast-food.

Zazzle stuff products made one at a time less waste.


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  1. I like your popcorn tip, I can eat popcorn everyday, I don't know why but it's sooo good.