Friday, May 17, 2013

The Peace of Listening

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The Peace of Listening


Listen to inspirational talks while doing mindless tasks such as putting away clothes or exercising. I thought I had no time and realized many things can be combined. I have so many things that waste time. I spend so much time not listening.

So what should I hear? What do you like to listen to


1. To the words I love you from a child

2. Listen to fun educational music

3. Listen to inspirational talks

4. Listen to the sound of rain

My Latest Art

An abstract canvas of mine

A new version of super nerd girl and the power of books

one of my abstract arts

abstract print of mine on photo paper

Iatya and Loudesigns

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  1. Very pretty features today! Thank you for including my artwork. :)

    I love listening to talks about spirituality and different ways we can learn to improve ourselves when I am doing mindless tasks. It helps the time fly by.

    Have a great weekend with your lovely family!